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Talking to students from the Crown Family School of Social Work at UChicago about 43Green

Our Vision

The future of our world depends on integrating wealth with community.™

P3 Markets’ mission is simple – to identify and design structures and ecosystems that create sustainable, long-term economic and social value. The world we dream of is one in which community development advances wealth, resiliency, and quality of life.
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Why Impact Investing?

Repairing Harm, Renewing Hope

Solving Social Challenges Through the Real estate Ecosystem

Multiple streams of investment capital are needed to transform challenged neighborhoods into thriving communities. Direct investment in mixed use developments, local businesses and workforce infrastructure build durable and adaptive local ecosystems. Real estate impact investing aims to meet these financial demands, investing in on-the-ground assets that generate financial returns while maximizing environmental and social impact.

P3 Markets helps facilitate restorative impact investing, allowing investors to intentionally place capital that builds wealth for employees, communities and local suppliers, as well as entrepreneurs and investors.

Talking to students from the Crown Family School of Social Work at UChicago about 43Green

P3 Markets approach

Real Impact, Real Returns

Providing Investments with Value

P3 Markets applies restorative methodologies to develop valuable and scalable mixed-use assets and focuses on producing equitable impact projects.

At P3 Markets, we provide a comprehensive approach to real estate investments that inspire real, measurable, change for low to moderate income communities. By connecting local neighborhoods with promising real estate opportunities, our public-private partnerships create shared, long-term wealth for both investors and communities alike. We work hard to ensure our real estate projects deliver fair market returns for investors and the economies they influence.

P3 Markets Investment Goals

Identify high-value real estate impact investing opportunities
Generate risk adjusted ROIs
Maximize community impact, one investment at a time
Juan Saldaña representing at the 28th Annual Neighborhood Development Awards at the South Shore Cultural Center
Talking to students from the Crown Family School of Social Work at UChicago about 43Green


Relationship Driven

P3 Markets is uniquely designed to discover, design, and execute projects with a sense of high connectivity and visible value. We can deliver on projects alone with our experienced in-house team or help partner with others to bring larger projects to life faster and maximize both land and societal value.

P3 Markets partners with

  • Public and private investors
  • Developer firms
  • Venture and equity investors
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Small and large businesses.

P3 Markets also partners with local, city and state-level government officials looking to attract innovative and restorative real estate projects that create long-term fiscal impact and resilient communities.

“With inflation putting a strain on household budgets, the demand and need for affordable housing, especially near transit lines, has never been higher...We received strong feedback from area residents that any new market-rate housing should be balanced with a commitment to long-term affordability – in other words, the ‘E’ in ETOD.”
Chicago Agent Magazine
the habitat company
Charlton Hamer
Senior Vice President/Habitat Affordable Group
“This development is the product of years of advocacy, negotiation, and community engagement...43 Green is a step in the right direction and we still have a lot of work to do to ensure Bronzeville residents have access to reliable public transportation, affordable housing, and retail opportunities.”
The Crusader Newspaper Group
Pat Dowell
Alderman of the 3rd ward
Ald. Pat Dowell Juan Saldaña Graham Grady Leon Walker and CEMDI at 43Green

our leadership

Community Minded Leaders

P3 Markets was founded in 2018 by Juan Saldana III and Phillip L. Beckham III with a committed vision to develop equitable projects within communities across the country that drive long-term impact and growth.

A visionary, Juan is focused on building a fully integrated, lean, and vertical organization with a platform designed to create and develop socioeconomic, beneficial, and profitable ventures for investment partners. A relationship maven, Phillip is focused on creating deep relationships with local communities and partners, enhancing opportunities, and driving business growth.

Together, Juan and Phillip have created an ecosystem of experts and partners with communities, governmental groups, construction companies, local businesses and other development firms to enable profitable ventures driven by a community vision.

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